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How To Do YouTube Keyword Research - The Definitive Guide

how to do YouTube keyword research
YouTube Keyword Research

You may be aware of that YouTube is the second largest search engine. And you may want to get your video on the top of search results. And you are here and might be looking for how to do Youtube keyword research.

In my last article, I had explained the Hacks to rank youtube videos on top. I use the techniques to do keyword research which I will be explaining in a while.

These Techniques We Use For YouTube Keyword Research:

  1. Get keywords from YouTube instant search
  2. Use Google Keyword Planner 
  3. Make Use of YouTube Trends
  4. Do search on Google
  5. Get Related Keywords from UberSuggest
The insights you uncover via this manner can be highly critical. So let's get started.

Steps for YouTube Keyword Research:

     1.Get keywords from YouTube instant search
Our first step is to do search on YouTube. Let's you want to get keywords related to "Health Tips". We do search on YouTube to get related keywords for your main keyword.

Type your main keyword in search bar, when you type your main keyword, you get auto suggestions. These are the search quries that people are saerching for the most. These are highly related keywords and Google/YouTube loves them.

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Pick some highly related keywords according to your video. You can also use keyword tool to get a lot of keywords. But there is a problem, this tool does not provide monthly searches data.

Create a list of keywords as many as you can. We will be getting the monthly searches data  of these keywords in the next step.
YouTube Keyword Research auto sugesstions
YouTube Keywords Auto Sugesstions

     2. Use Google Keyword Planner

Now we have a list of keywords, and in this step we will get the monthly searches volume data by using Google Keyword Palnner (GKP).

Headover to the GKP and run all your keywords through Google Keyword Palnner. Here you will get monthly volume of your keywords. You can ignore keywords that are not related to your topic. Also remove the same keywords from the list.

Only use those keywords that have high monthly searches and low competiton.

     3. Make Use Of YouTube Trends

YouTube Trends is really super cool tool for me as it provides me with the intereset in the topic. It shows the interest in graphs.

Put your keyword in YouTube Trend and look, is still people are searching for those keywords? If yes, don't late and target that keyword. 

The feature that I love most is that it gives me related keywords. Let's say untapped keywords, that can be the goldmine for me.

google trends health tips
Google Trends

     4. Do Search On Google

You might be thinking for why to get keywords from Google? Because it is very necessary and part of research. We get some keywords from Google because it increases the chances of ranking our video in Google too.

The process of getting keywords from Goolge is same as YouTube Keyword Resaech that we performed in step 1.

Google Instant Search Keywords
Google Instant Search

     5. Get Related Keywords From UberSuggest

Most of the SEO experts suggest to use UberSuggest keyword tool. Because it provides a lot of keywords followed by each alphabet.

Just type your main keyword and it will create a lot of keywords. Pick some of keywords from there also to get better result. I recommend it you for useful keyword ideas.

keyword tool

It's Your Turn

Follow the YouTube Keyword Research process and use the most popular and less competive keywords in your video.

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If you are facing any problem, let me know via comments. I'll be happy to help you. If you have any suggestions anf if I missed something, please comment below.

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Sunday, 12 February 2017

How To Delete A Blogger Blog Permanently In Less Than 5 Mins

Are you looking for how to delete a blog on blogger? I Can help you. You may want to get rid of your old Blogspot blog. Or you are thinking to migrate to another best platform. Everyone know blogger has some limitations to using.

We can also create 500 blogs on blogger using google's servers and we don't to worry about the Hosting and Bandwidth. But sometimes we want to get rid of some blogs and reduce the number of blogs. so can you delete a blogger blog?

Note: Removing blogger blog will also delete your blog's data and posts. And in this case, you will have to make the backup for your blog. So that you may not lose your important blog. You will also be able to migrate your blog data and posts to the next platform where you want to migrate.

How To Delete A Blogger Blog Permanently

  1. You should be logged into your blogger account before deleting the blog.
  2. Go to Blogger and log in to your account.
  3. Select the blog from the list which is on your screen and you want to remove.
  4. Navigate to Settings and then you will see other option. Click there as shown below.
      5. On the RHS (Right Hand Side) there is an option Delete Blog and click on it to proceed the deletion process.

As I had cleared in the beginning that you will lose you all blog's data and your blog will also be removed from search engines.

If you don't want to lose your data then make use of Backup Content just above the Delete Blog. You will not be able to back up your data after the deletion process. Do it before deleting your blog from blogger. 

      6. Click on Delete Blog to confirm. 

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I f you don;t want to lose your data, make sure to download your data before deleting your blog. In order to download your data, on right-hand side make use of Import and backup tool. Just below it, you will find the Delete Blog option and there will be an option backup content. 

After deletion process, you will be redirected to the dashboard. Here you will see that the blog that you deleted is more in the list of blogs.

If you want to get back your blog
  • Head over to the Blogger
  • You will see all your blog list is here (New update is no more showing list of blogs on the dashboard)
  • Click on your blog drop down menu, which you're currently using
  • It will expand and shows the list of all blogs and Deleted Blogs
Just below deleted blogs, you will see your blog that is deleted. If you deleted your blog mistakenly click on your blog and it will take you to the next page.

Just like above you will see here are two options undelete and permanently delete. 
  • Simply click on Undelete to recover your blog in no time. If you want to delete it permanently, your blog will be removed after 90 days from trash (deleted logs) option.
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Final Words

Do you want to know something about facebook viral ids?
I tried my best to explain how to delete a blogger blog permanently. Instead of deleting your blog, you also have another option. Just make your blog private. No one will be able to see your blog without your permission.

If you are facing any problem, just comment below I will take a time to reply you. And I love to help you all. If you liked my efforts, please share this article with your friends on Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter.  

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

9 On-Page SEO Techniques 2017 That You Don't Know

You might be looking for On-Page SEO Techniques that help you to get more traffic to your blog in 2017.

Some people actually don't know what SEO is and what it's mean. SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, the method which includes the ways to get organic traffic to your blog and to rank high in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

on page seo techniques
SEO is divided into two categories  On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

As my article is about On-Page SEO we are not discussing the other one here.

Let me explain the following terms that you should not ignore at any cost in the blogging industry.

Page Titles, Meta tags, Meta Description, Body Tags, SEO Friendly URLs, Images, Internal Linking, External Linking and Keywords Density.

SEO does not mean to generate blog traffic in black hat way, it only about how to get organic and huge traffic by Search Engines.

On-Page SEO Techniques 2017: That You Should Not Ignore

1. Page Title

What most newbies do, they just create a catchy headline even they don't have any concept about the main keyword. Creating catchy headline is just not enough. Do not forget to include your main keyword in the title tag.

Try to include your main keyword first in the title because the titles having the main keyword in the first get more traffic. So don't forget to add your main keyword in the title.

2. Meta Description

I saw many people doing the fuss in the meta description tag. They only copy any paragraph of their article and paste it into meta description box. It is a HUGE mistake, this tag is a goldmine for you. You have to write some amazing and short descriptive words in this tag.

Actually, this is the tag which determines what you post is actually about. This tag tells the search engine that what you post is about and put your main keyword once.

3. Meta Tags

You have to incorporate highly relevant keywords in meta tags. Some plugins like All In One SEO plugin facilitate you to add keywords in this tag. Plugins make it easy to use and I am using All in SEO for last three years. It allows you to add meta keywords meta tags and page title just beneath your post in WordPress.

Don't try to stuff keywords here otherwise you will be slapped by Google for misleading and keyword spamming. It is negative SEO practice and can harm you badly.

4. SEO Friendly URLs

SEO Friendy URLs are the URL's of our posts, by default it is created and we have to optimize it. They are really important and they impact SEO. Include your main keywords also here. As my post is about On-Page SEO Techniques and my URL is "on-page-seo-techniques-2017".

adress bar url

They are automatically created when we start writing it is created on the basis of title and sometimes it does not make any sense and looks ridiculous.

5. Images SEO 

Using images in your article make it easy to read and understand. Articles contain images are more likely to rank in Google. Images also provide a lot of traffic to blog. If Images SEO is not done, then go immediately and do it.

youtube raw file name

Your images should contain the keyword and don't let the name of the image as it is. For example: If you capture any screenshot the name of the image will be capture.png or capture.jpg. You have another chance to get traffic and it is the point that you have to optimize.

6. Internal Linking

Internal linking is the interlinking of your old article with new one. Do not add irrelevant anchor text and add at least 4 anchor text in your article. It decreases bounce rate as well as it keeps your visitor to stick around your blog. If you do not have any article and you are writing your first article then pick any website that is similar to your blog and interlinks it with the no follow tag.

7. Keyword Density

Keyword Density is how many times you used the keyword in entire article divide it to a number of words of your article and multiply with 100 and you will get keyword density. It is recommended to keep density around 2-3% but it is decided by search engines.

If I calculate keyword density, then it will look like;
If words are 500
I used my keyword 10 times
And Boom! It's Perfect for me.

8. Body Tags

Body tags are heading that we use in our article. There is HTML tag behind the headlines, they vary in sizes and weight. By default in WordPress title is h1 and it can be used only one time in the article. As by default page title is h1 so we don.t need to use it anymore in the article.

Make sure to use h2, h3, and h4 in your whole article and try to include to your keywords in headings. They are also the second source of major traffic as well.

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9. External Linking

External Linking is also like internal linking but you can't use external linking more than 2 times. They affect SEO and if you liked more 2 sites then change them from do follow to follow. Giving backlinks to many sites can lose your ranking in SERPs.

Over To You

These were simple 9 On-Page SEO Techniques that can help you to improve your blog traffic. If you have any query please let me know in comments. Have I missed anything and have you SEO techniques better than mine? If this helped please do share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Secret Trick To Viral Facebook ID In 2017

I am getting a lot of emails and messages about how to viral facebook ID. So, I decided to write a brief note fb viral id trick. Last day I created a facebook account and make it hell viral.

What happened then? I got 2000 friend requests just in 12 hours. And that's pretty good.

By using this trick, you will be able to get massive amount of traffic from facebook and also can earn money from it. This act as a Social Signal for your website and it is also good for SEO.
So, the trick begins from here.
how to viral facebook id
Facebook Viral

How To Make Facebook ID Viral:

We need a fresh female name ID in order to attract visitors. (Yeah! Female)
  • Create a Female name id 
  • Add Profile Picture
  • Add cover photo
  • Complete all the info

It Is The Point To Viral Fb ID:

The profile picture you will set, must be of any famous hot girl. It will attract more and more people and they will add you as friend. Also set the cover photo that is hot.

After creating facebook id just search in the search bar "Hollywood Life". This is name of a page and you can also search any other group or page that have good members and likes. in order to USA traffic on my id I am going to add the USA's people.

Now check the latest update from the page.There must a post which is posted recently and check the people that liked the post. You can click on "1585 People Liked It" to find the people who liked the post.

What yo have to done is just add them as friend. Add more people to friend-list people as you can add. And wait, for 5 sec... and Boom! Your ID is getting viral and many people are adding you as friend.

In 5 to 7 hours, you'll get 5k friend requests. 


As I have told you you will get a lot of friend requests and don't accept all friend requests at once using facebook social toolkit or any other tool. Otherwise, your account will be disabled by robots due to spamming activity.

I hope you got the answer how to make facebook id viral and if you know someone, who can get benefits from this post, share with them on Facebook, Google+ and twitter.

Let me know in comment section if you are facing any problem to make fb id viral. I'll love to help you. 

Sunday, 25 December 2016

6 Hacks To Rank Youtube Videos On First Page Of Google

Are you looking for rank YouTube videos on first page of Google. Then  you come at right place. Goolge is first largest search engine. And as you know that 7.17 billion people are using google now. Stop for  a while and think how much traffic can you drive for youtube videos from it.

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It is very easy to rank on the the first page of google. Just keep in mind the setps given below and follow them.
rank youtube videos on the first page of google

How Rank Youtube Videos On First Page Of Google:

Let's look over to the hacks

Hack #1 Great Content

Create awesome and amazing videos . As many SEO experts ask; "Content is King". So I also suggest you to have awesome content.
Why I should create awesome videos for YouTube?
Well, as we all know that people like to see amazing videos. Having a great content increase the watch time. More watch, more views and more views drive a bunch of subscribers to your channel.

Hack #2 Title of The Video

The video's title play important role in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Make catchy and great title of the video. So that people get inspired and click on the video. You can make your video title by using Title Generator Website. Here is a example what kind of title does it make.
Here you can see I have used rank YouTube videos as my primary keyword. It created awesome headings and titles for me for free. You can also get help from other sites. Remove the words which does not make any sense.

Hack #3 Find Keywords

This is the most important step and without adding keywords to your title, description and tags , you can not rank higher on the first page of google.

As you can see in the above screenshot, I searched for a keyword "Rank YouTube Videos" and Boom ! I got the result. In the highlighted area, keywords are added in title and description.

How To Find Video Keywords?
Well, this is the question, ever asked by every YouTuber. You can can just take the advantage of Google Suggestions. Those are search quires that people are searching for the most. Just type your keyword in Google and grab all the suggestions.

You can also get the keywords at the bottom of Google. List all your keywords in a notepad and get their monthly searches from Google Keyword Planner. Select two keywords having low competiton and high monthly searches. 

You can select keywords having 500+ monthly searches. It will be easy to target the keywords. Select 2 keywords i.e., Primary and Secondary keyword. And use your keywords in title, tags and description.

Hack #4 Tags and Description

Now you have keywords and put them in tags and description. Tags are the thing which tell Google that what your video is about. Get some keywords from others videos. But Why? So that your video will appear in Related Videos section by using others tags. 

Tags should be similar and related to your videos. Once again, DO NOT try to stuff and repeat the keywords in tags. Otherwise you will be listed spammer and shit you can also get banned from YouTube permanently.

Use VidIQ chrome extension to get videos' statistics and tags.

See the Tags of the video. And the tip is that put your keyword and your website link in the first paragraph. And write a loooooooooong description.
See the example below.

Also include your social media profile links and other YouTube videos links. And don not forget to ask your viewers to subscribe your channel.

Hack #5 RAW File Name

RAW file is the name of video and make sure to add keyword in RAW file before uploading.

Do not let the video name as untitled.mp4. 
Hack #6 Thumbnail 

Thumbnail play important role and should be user friendly. Create fantastic and appealing thumbnail of you video.
Use Photoshop and learn to create video thumbnail. 

Over To You

How many videos you ranked on the first page of google using these hacks. Let me know in comments if you have any problem and what the things should be added to this article.