How To Do YouTube Keyword Research - The Definitive Guide

how to do youtube keyword research
YouTube Keyword Reseach

You may be aware of that YouTube is the second largest search engine. And you may want to get your video on the top of search results. And you are here and might be looking for how to do Youtube keyword research.

In my last article, I had explained the Hacks to rank youtube videos on top. I use the techniques to do keyword research which I will be explaining in a while.

These Techniques We Use For YouTube Keyword Research:

  1. Get keywords from YouTube instant search
  2. Use Google Keyword Planner 
  3. Make Use of YouTube Trends
  4. Do search on Google
  5. Get Related Keywords from UberSuggest
The insights you uncover via this manner can be highly critical. So let's get started.

Steps for YouTube Keyword Research:

     1.Get keywords from YouTube instant search
Our first step is to do the search on YouTube. Let's you want to get keywords related to "Health Tips". We do search on YouTube to get related keywords for your main keyword.

Type your main keyword in the search bar, when you type your main keyword, you get auto suggestions. These are the search queries that people are searching for the most. These are highly related keywords and Google/YouTube loves them.

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Pick some highly related keywords according to your video. You can also use the keyword tool to get a lot of keywords. But there is a problem, this tool does not provide monthly searches data.

Create a list of keywords as many as you can. We will be getting the monthly searches data of these keywords in the next step.
YouTube Keyword Research auto sugesstions
YouTube Keywords Auto Suggestions

     2. Use Google Keyword Planner

Now we have a list of keywords, and in this step, we will get the monthly searches volume data by using Google Keyword Planner (GKP).

Head over to the GKP and run all your keywords through Google Keyword Planner. Here you will get the monthly volume of your keywords. You can ignore keywords that are not related to your topic. Also, remove the same keywords from the list.

Only use those keywords that have high monthly searches and low competition.

     3. Make Use Of YouTube Trends

YouTube Trends is really a super cool tool for me as it provides me with the interest in the topic. It shows the interest in graphs.

Put your keyword in YouTube Trend and look, is still people are searching for those keywords? If yes, don't late and target that keyword. 

The feature that I love most is that it gives me related keywords. Let's say untapped keywords, that can be the goldmine for me.

google trends health tips
Google Trends

     4. Do Search On Google

You might be thinking why to get keywords from Google? Because it is very necessary and part of the research. We get some keywords from Google because it increases the chances of ranking our video in Google too.

The process of getting keywords from Google is same as YouTube Keyword Research that we performed in step 1.

Google Instant Search Keywords
Google Instant Search

     5. Get Related Keywords From UberSuggest

Most of the SEO experts suggest using UberSuggest keyword tool. Because it provides a lot of keywords followed by each alphabet.

Just type your main keyword and it will create a lot of keywords. Pick some of the keywords from there also to get a better result. I recommend it you for useful keyword ideas.

ubersuggest keyword tool

It's Your Turn

Follow the YouTube Keyword Research process and use the most popular and less competitive keywords in your video.

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If you are facing any problem, let me know via comments. I'll be happy to help you. If you have any suggestions and if I missed something, please comment below.

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