6 Hacks To Rank Youtube Videos On First Page Of Google

Are you looking for rank YouTube videos on first page of Google. Then  you come at right place. Google is first largest search engine. And as you know that 7.17 billion people are using Google now. Stop for  a while and think how much traffic can you drive for youtube videos from it.

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It is very easy to rank on the first page of Google. Just keep in mind the steps given below and follow them.
rank youtube videos on the first page of google

How Rank Youtube Videos On First Page Of Google:

Let's look over to the hacks

Hack #1 Great Content

Create awesome and amazing videos. As many SEO experts ask; "Content is King". So I also suggest you have awesome content.
Why I should create awesome videos for YouTube?
Well, as we all know that people like to see amazing videos. Having a great content increase the watch time. More watch, more views, and more views drive a bunch of subscribers to your channel.

Hack #2 Title of The Video

The video's title plays important role in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Make the catchy and great title of the video. So that people get inspired and click on the video. You can make your video title by using Title Generator Website. Here is a example what kind of title does it make.
Here you can see I have used rank YouTube videos as my primary keyword. It created awesome headings and titles for me for free. You can also get help from other sites. Remove the words which do not make any sense.

Hack #3 Find Keywords

This is the most important step and without adding keywords to your title, description, and tags, you can not rank higher on the first page of Google.

As you can see in the above screenshot, I searched for a keyword "Rank YouTube Videos" and Boom! I got the result. In the highlighted area, keywords are added in title and description.

How To Find Video Keywords?
Well, this is the question, ever asked by every YouTuber. You can just take the advantage of Google Suggestions. Those are search quires that people are searching for the most. Just type your keyword in Google and grab all the suggestions.

You can also get the keywords at the bottom of Google. List all your keywords in a notepad and get their monthly searches from Google Keyword Planner. Select two keywords having low competition and high monthly searches.

You can select keywords having 500+ monthly searches. It will be easy to target the keywords. Select 2 keywords i.e., Primary and Secondary keyword. And use your keywords in title, tags, and description.

Hack #4 Tags and Description

Now you have keywords and put them in tags and description. Tags are the thing which tells Google that what your video is about. Get some keywords from others videos. But Why? So that your video will appear in Related Videos section by using others tags. 

Tags should be similar and related to your videos. Once again, DO NOT try to stuff and repeat the keywords in tags. Otherwise, you will be listed spammer and shit you can also get banned from YouTube permanently.

Use VidIQ Chrome extension to get videos' statistics and tags.

See the Tags of the video. And the tip is that put your keyword and your website link in the first paragraph. And write a loooooooooong description.
See the example below.

Also, include your social media profile links and other YouTube videos links. And don't not forget to ask your viewers to subscribe your channel.

Hack #5 RAW File Name

The raw file is the name of the video and makes sure to add a keyword in the RAW file before uploading.

Do not let the video name as untitled.mp4. 
Hack #6 Thumbnail 

Thumbnail play important role and should be user friendly. Create fantastic and appealing thumbnail of you video.
Use Photoshop and learn to create video thumbnail. 

Over To You

How many videos you ranked on the first page of Google using these hacks. Let me know in comments if you have any problem and what the things should be added to this article. 

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