How To Delete A Blogger Blog Permanently In Less Than 5 Mins

Are you looking for how to delete a blog on blogger? I Can help you. You may want to get rid of your old Blogspot blog. Or you are thinking to migrate to another best platform. Everyone know blogger has some limitations to using.

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We can also create 500 blogs on blogger using google's servers and us don't to worry about the Hosting and Bandwidth. But sometimes we want to get rid of some blogs and reduce the number of blogs. so can you delete a blogger blog?

Note: Removing blogger blog will also delete your blog's data and posts. And in this case, you will have to make the backup for your blog. So that you may not lose your important blog. You will also be able to migrate your blog data and posts to the next platform where you want to migrate.

How To Delete A Blogger Blog Permanently

  1. You should be logged into your blogger account before deleting the blog.
  2. Go to Blogger and log in to your account.
  3. Select the blog from the list which is on your screen and you want to remove.
  4. Navigate to Settings and then you will see other option. Click there as shown below.
      5. On the RHS (Right Hand Side) there is an option Delete Blog and click on it to proceed the deletion process.

As I had cleared in the beginning that you will lose you all blog's data and your blog will also be removed from search engines.

If you don't want to lose your data then make use of Backup Content just above the Delete Blog. You will not be able to back up your data after the deletion process. Do it before deleting your blog from blogger. 

      6. Click on Delete Blog to confirm. 

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I f you don;t want to lose your data, make sure to download your data before deleting your blog. In order to download your data, on right-hand side make use of Import and backup tool. Just below it, you will find the Delete Blog option and there will be an option backup content. 

After deletion process, you will be redirected to the dashboard. Here you will see that the blog that you deleted is more in the list of blogs.

If you want to get back your blog
  • Head over to the Blogger
  • You will see all your blog list is here (New update is no more showing list of blogs on the dashboard)
  • Click on your blog drop down menu, which you're currently using
  • It will expand and shows the list of all blogs and Deleted Blogs
Just below deleted blogs, you will see your blog that is deleted. If you deleted your blog mistakenly click on your blog and it will take you to the next page.

Just like above you will see here are two options undelete and permanently delete. 
  • Simply click on Undelete to recover your blog in no time. If you want to delete it permanently, your blog will be removed after 90 days from trash (deleted logs) option.
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Final Words

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I tried my best to explain how to delete a blogger blog permanently. Instead of deleting your blog, you also have another option. Just make your blog private. No one will be able to see your blog without your permission.

If you are facing any problem, just comment below I will take a time to reply you. And I love to help you all. If you liked my efforts, please share this article with your friends on Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter.  

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