Secret Trick To Viral Facebook ID In 2017

I am getting a lot of emails and messages about how to viral Facebook ID. So, I decided to write a brief note FB viral id trick. Last day I created a Facebook account and make it hell viral.

What happened then? I got 2000 friend requests just in 12 hours. And that's pretty good.

By using this trick, you will be able to get a massive amount of traffic from facebook and also can earn money from it. This act as a Social Signal for your website and it is also good for SEO.
So, the trick begins from here.
how to viral facebook id
Facebook Viral

How To Make Facebook ID Viral:

We need a fresh female name ID in order to attract visitors. (Yeah! Female)
  • Create a Female name id 
  • Add Profile Picture
  • Add cover photo
  • Complete all the info

It Is The Point To Viral Fb ID:

The profile picture you will set must be of any famous hot girl. It will attract more and more people and they will add you as a friend. Also, set the cover photo that is hot.

After creating facebook id just search in the search bar "Hollywood Life". This is the name of a page and you can also search any other group or page that have good members and likes. in order to USA traffic on my id, I am going to add the USA's people.

Now check the latest update from the page.There must a post which is posted recently and check the people that liked the post. You can click on "1585 People Liked It" to find the people who liked the post.

What yo have to done is just add them as friend. Add more people to friend-list people as you can add. And wait, for 5 sec... and Boom! Your ID is getting viral and many people are adding you as friend.

In 5 to 7 hours, you'll get 5k friend requests.

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As I have told you will get a lot of friend requests and don't accept all friend requests at once using the Facebook social toolkit or any other tool. Otherwise, your account will be disabled by robots due to spamming activity.

I hope you got the answer how to make facebook id viral and if you know someone, who can get benefits from this post, share with them on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Let me know in comment section if you are facing any problem to make FB id viral. I'll love to help you. 

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